#EUCrowdShow is the world’s first (and biggest!) crowdsourced roadshow across 29 countries in Europe.

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#EUCrowdShow is the first-ever roadshow on crowdfunding and entrepreneurship! We’re bringing together investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, bloggers, dreamers and do-ers, startups and scale-ups. The discussion is both online and offline, on social media and with 29 live-events!

Let us know on-line what you think (on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #EUCrowdShow), and then join us off-line to debate:
· Why aren’t there any European unicorns?
· How do you raise money to grow your business?
· What kind of businesses would you invest in?
· Where is the best place to start a business in Europe?
· How can a startup best raise equity funding across borders?
· Where will you grow next?
· Who is the most inspirational European startup co-founder?

The FREE events will feature the Chairman of MyMicroInvest, José Zurstrassen, a successful entrepreneur turned investor, as well as Stefaan Mouradian and Steven Boelens, cofounders of BAUNAT, an online jewellery website, who is currently raising equity from the crowd on our platform.

Register now for this exclusive event here. Places are limited and lunch on us.

And, there’s more! We are conducting a contest with two prizes available: win a diamond or win a fully-funded workshop in Brussels with the experts and networks of MyMicroInvest. Register on our website!

Use the hashtag #EUCrowdShow and we will talk to you soon!