#EUCrowdShow, the Future of Crowdfunding

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Everyone knows that crowdfunding is becoming an ever-more popular funding tool for SMEs. And, it’s diversifying across Europe. The issue? SMEs think too local.

At MyMicroInvest, we believe that to build tomorrow’s start-up economy, funding innovative businesses and entrepreneurship is key. The crowdfunding ecosystem is not kind to potentially viable start-ups who suffer from a lack of funding, but the true limiting factor is not a lack of funds – it’s a lack of vision. Specifically, a European vision.

This is the impetus behind MyMicroInvest’s #EUCrowdShow, an EU-wide crowdsourced initiative to unite all relevant players, from crowds, to VCs, to entrepreneurs, behind a vision of an open European space that will allow all of them to thrive.

José Zurstrassen, president of MyMicroInvest and the #EUCrowdShow’s travelling Ambassador, asks: “Where are the EU unicorns? SMEs are the only engine of growth on this continent and are ready for internationalisation that will deliver on growth.”

Europe is home to many entrepreneurial success stories, and innovative start-ups everywhere are poised to explore and share ‘hacks’ to achieve maximum impact. Bringing these players together ensures that a common understanding and common set of goals will translate a European vision into action. MyMicroInvest is leading the way by crowdsourcing, both online and offline, the views and perspectives of as many entrepreneurs, investors and other thought leaders in Europe as possible, to ensure that their proposals for a European start-up ecosystem are as actionable as possible.

Zurstrassen: “Entrepreneurs need support to grow. The #EUCrowdShow is a unique opportunity to bring MyMicroInvest to each country in Europe, and we look forward to welcoming new investors and entrepreneurs on our platform.”

Start-up founders are the new generation in business, because they foster entrepreneurship, create jobs, and boost innovation.

It’s when they think European they can truly spread their bright ideas across the single market, and grow from one EU member state to the next.

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