Good news for Inventures!

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While the big forum on responsible investments for institutional actors is called Global Impact Investing Network, or GIIN, the one for private individual investors and family offices (private wealth management advisory firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth investors) is, funny enough, called TONIIC.

Co-Founded by Charly Kleissner & Lisa Kleissner in San Fransisco, California, this network was created as a global financial ecosystem which operates to create positive social and environmental impact with a mission to empower impact investors.

To this date, this network gathers more than 300 investors, mainly wealthy individuals and families from 26 different countries who promote impact investing. Many of them have decided to transform 100% of their assets into an impact portfolio (T100 initiative).

Impact investing funds actively seek to create a positive impact on the world and at the same time measure and report their impact in a transparent way.

We are proud to announce that Inventures II has been approved as an official investment opportunity for and by the TONIIC network.

Inventures II SDG Growth is a venture capital fund that invests early stage capital in smart and innovative European SMEs addressing at least one Sustainable Development Goal drafted by the United Nations. Inventures empowers citizenship co-investments through our crowdfunding platform.

Being the first VC fund with a structure that integrates crowdfunding (through its association with MyMicroInvest), Inventures has the ability to access an important deal flow and thus has the luxury to detect the best opportunities. Another advantage of this rare combination is the decrease of one of the Top 3 risks when it comes to startup investing : the product-market fit failure. Thanks to a round of crowdfunding, Inventures can actually see which company has traction and which one doesn’t (thanks to the validation of the crowd) before deciding to invest in it.

What does this recognition mean?
Well, after a serious due diligence, Inventures II is officially considered as an impact investment. In other words, one of the most credible worldwide players in the impact investing industry confirms that Inventures II is capable of generating a measurable positive impact on the world. Thanks to this recognition, the exposure of the fund on a global level will hopefully help it reach a certain level of international notoriety.