How can I exit an investment?

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There are two options to exit an investment, of which the first one is the standard way.

1) You follow the co-investment process promoted by MyMicroInvest.

The professional co-investor(s) that invested in a company alongside the crowd continuously look out for a profitable exit, taking into account numerous factors such as developments and results booked by the company. On average, this takes 5 to 8 years, but this could be earlier or later. Once this happens, the crowd will exit under the same conditions as the professional investor(s).

2) You find a buyer for your participatory note(s) yourself.

At all times, it is possible to sell your participatory note(s) to a third party. However, MyMicroInvest does not organise a secondary market to this purpose. You can find a buyer yourself, with whom you mutually agree on a sales price, after which you ask us to update the Register of Notes to reflect this change of ownership.

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