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Since their record-breaking crowdfunding campaign in June, Acar'Up has been sold to more than 40.000 customers. They all have been highly satisfied.


A new website has been launched and the cubicle is completed. A collaboration agreement is signed with IBA and the company started sales. A capital increase is planned in Q3 2015 to feed growth.


The company hired a sales person in France to expand B2B sales. The raised money allowed the team to appoint a Sales Business Accelerator. The web application has been upgraded to a new version - iOS and Android apps are now also available - and the product is now targeting all families, not only the separated families. Product pricing has also been adapted to market needs.


The company closed a successful capital increase in May 2015 that will fuel the commercial launch. The team is reinforced by an experienced and talented business developer. The product is finalized and received positive feedback from test-phase. In Q4, first sales will be contracted with hospitals and distributors.


Fear Hunters has successfully launched innovative products for kids' emotional development within a network of over 350 Belgian pharmacies and para-pharmacies. Also, two deals have been concluded with a major producer of essential oils and a leading distributor of pharmaceutical products.


Since June, the regulatory environment in France is favorable for Youscribe: the model of Youscribe is legal. The company closed strong partnerships with 2 strategic partners and has a very strong penetration of market and growth figures in visitors and pageviews.


In 2015, Intuitim has already convinced two famous imaging centers to co-develop its future reporting platform. In addition, they entered new markets like the Luxembourg Ministry of Health.


Since the start of 2015, iReachmhas developed a pipeline of 500 potential users for its commercial launch.


Newsmonkey reached a new record in readership, with almost 1,5 million unique visitors in august. This peak shows that the editorial strategy works. Still 65 percent of the audience is younger than 35, so it is the go-to site for generation Y. The company has also successfully launched a beta version for their French website, something they are immensely proud of. Of that 1,5 million, about 100.000 were actually visitors who read in French!


The transformation of the pilot restaurant in Louvain-la-Neuve proves to be a great success. The new processes have improved the stability, quality and speed of food preparations (< 4 minutes). Sales numbers exceed the forecasts. They were up by 50% in 2013 and up by 30% in 2014. Processes and results of the company meet the external development criteria. Woké is currently working hard to find new locations for future restaurants.


The company invested in an upgraded production tool to be able to fulfil larger orders. Production is now supplying the Belgian, Luxembourg, French markets; Germany is in sight. The minimum sales objective for 2016 has been set to 20.000 boxes.


The moving annual average of Sacriana’s online sales is growing by 141%. Each month sets a new record, with the number of new and recurrent buyers increasing consistently. Sacriana’s Wine Outlet, the catalogue of 100+ wines and the great feedback regarding the quality of the wine selection and of the perfect service clearly contributes to this growth. For this reason, Sacriana’s team has expanded.


The turnover for the first half of 2015 has matched sales for the entire year in 2014. Thanks to the recently completed capital increase, the company will build new websites with a strong digital marketing strategy. Two new employees will be hired and a brand new 600m2 warehouse available from October 2015 will enable BelgiBeer to satisfy the increasing demand for Belgian craft beer.


Since their crowdfunding campaign, an unprecedented wave of interested contacts is approaching the company. Even though the summer period is usually calm, they now have no decrease in their activity. Moreover, the increased interest from both old and new customers is impressive. Hence the company is concentrating on their new program: a new IT-system, continuing to improve the processes and commercial development.


MyEco’s breakeven point has not yet been reached, but the number of B2C members is continuing to grow every day. Despite some financial issues during the past months, MyEco is doing well. Companies are showing a lot of interest, and MyEco hopes to sign its first B2B corporate contracts in the coming weeks.


The first steps in launching the new products have been taken and the company is looking to expand their business in over 20 additional countries. The company is currently generating partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies in Belgium and abroad, and attracting extra funding to boost business.


Since 2010, the Brainis Family has more than tripled the turnover of the Neufchatel Hotel. Today, they are going to 1) open a second hotel in the center of Brussels, and 2) buy and manage 2 other hotels located near Brussels' Grand Place (projects of respectively €3 and €12 million).


The online shopping community platform has already sold products and services of a total value of €1.2 million. The amount of users is growing linearly every month and revenues in Belgium are growing exponentially. In order to launch in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, Earnieland is currently working on a capital increase of €1 million, with a pre-money valuation of €4 million.


Two experienced medical and sales representatives were hired, and a series of innovative treatments for professionals was launched. Also, a partner for the distribution of professional treatments for Hong Kong and Macau has been found. Next, thanks to investments in professional marketing support tools, 30 new sales points should be acquired before the end of the year, increasing the monthly turnover with at least 300%.


The company's activity continued to grow after the loan was granted. They have now financed two other industrial solar projects with the same third party financing contract structure. The performance of the systems is in line with expectations and the market is certainly oriented towards such a value proposition. Enerdeal also has a new website now, including a video on their positioning and strategy.


Sales are expected to exceed 2014 figures. Several large contracts have been lined up and have greatly improved next year's sales prospects. A large capital expenditure on the production line has been realised, and its capacity doubling has already been reached. R&D has also been a priority: a new product variety is in the pipeline. One of the company's challenges is its limited salesforce.


Christophe is still negotiating with potential professional co-investors. The raised funds, including their successful crowdfunding, will be used for marketing and online acquisition.


The second production batch has already been sold. Accordingly the next production batch will be twice the size. On average a bar/restaurant is selling 4-5 bottles of James Lind per day, which shows how successful James Lind is.


The company's turnover has increased 25% in the last 4 months, and they expect it to increase a further 20% until the end of September. This growth has been enabled by a recent anti-diesel van ban inside Paris; other (European) cities should follow this lead soon, which is great news for their international expansion. Their crowdfunding campaign has been phenomenally successful, with 200% of the campaign's objective raised.


fit20 opened a new location close to Brussels and has already attracted lots of new customers. The company has plans for 4 new locations in Belgium and expects to reach breakeven before initially budgeted.


T-Concept has started negotiations with several professional investors and are on track to finalise their current €2.5 million fundraising. Moreover, an engineer has been hired whose focus is on the production strategy for machines & capsules. On the sales side, a contract for 2000 units with an international hotel group is close to being secured.