Types of campaigns

Whether they are public or private, regulated or unregulated, find the type of campaign that best fits your needs.

There are so many reasons to engage and to structure a community to finance your company. In this section, you will find the many ways you can build a campaign. You can either decide to raise a limited amount or aim for the millions. Whether you want to add some exclusivity by making your campaign private or whether you want to reach the most people as possible through a public campaign, you will find your perfect fit right here.

Public or Private fundraising

Entrepreneurs can consider private and/or public fundraising campaigns. The minimum campaign on Spreds is €100,000 for a loan and €150,000 for equity. The maximum raised so far is €5 Million.

Private fundraising campaigns

Do you wish to mobilise your personal network and formalise their investment through our platform?

Monetise the support and enthusiasm to raise capital or loan funding from up to 150 investors: friends and family, business angels, your best customers and clients. Create an opportunity for your network to easily support your business as an investor.

Public fundraising campaigns

Do you want to engage your current stakeholders and acquire new supporters?

Reach out to new audiences to raise capital or loan funding. Advertise your business and benefit from our network of investors. On average one crowd investor is connected to 500+ people so each new investor can exponentially grow your network.

If you wish to have a public campaign, you must first go through a private phase, to pre-launch your project to your network. After reaching a predefined threshold, we make your campaign accessible to the public through our platform. This will enable everyone to support your project. We recommend developing a digital marketing campaign to accompany the public fundraising phase.

Unregulated Campaigns or Regulated Campaigns

With Spreds fundraising has no limits and no borders. Whether you want to raise €100,000 with your network or €1,000,000 with a prospectus campaign, we are your trusted partner.

Regulated campaigns

A regulated campaign allows you to raise more than €100,000 with no limit to the number of investors. To do this, Spreds prepares a legal prospectus which is approved by the financial authorities.

Due to the work involved upfront, there are fixed fees of €10,000 + €5,000 per country you wish to target.

Then, a fee of only 5% of the amount raised is withdrawn when the investment is confirmed.

Unregulated campaigns

There are 3 kinds of unregulated campaigns, which feature no-win, no-pay:

  1. Raise less than €100,000 with no limit to the number of investors and no maximum investment tickets.
  2. Raise more than €100,000 with a maximum of 150 investors and no maximum investment tickets.
  3. Raise less than €300,000 with no limit to the number of investors, with a maximum investment ticket of €5,000 per investor.