Diversify your sources of financing

Benefit from our co-investment model

What is a co-investor?

A Co-Investor is a person, or a group of persons (business angels or venture capitalists), who invest a substantial amount in the company.

The co-investment principle

At Spreds we believe that your sources of financing should be well balanced, this is why we opted for a co-investment model. All campaigns on Spreds are financed by both a community of investors and what we call “lead investors”: one or more large tickets, which can range from 30% to 70% of the total round.

With co-investment, the crowd benefits from the same conditions as the lead investor, ensuring fairness. Entrepreneurs can benefit from specialised venture capital experience and expertise and potentially gain a board member.

A possible co-investor: Inventures II, an Impact Venture Capital Fund

Inventures II

Inventures II is a private investment fund aiming the €50 Million mark, which invests capital in smart and innovative European SMEs that create sustainable jobs.

Inventures II is the first venture capital fund supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It aims to support a responsible and sustainable economy in Europe by empowering entrepreneurship through equity investments, mostly in start-ups and small SMEs as they represent 85% of net job creation.

Inventures II co-invests with the crowd of Spreds on certain projects that resonate with its vision and mission.

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations’ SDG is a list of 17 aspirational "Global Goals" covering a broad range of sustainable development issues.

Inventures II has a strong focus on 5 SDGs, which are relevant for Europe:

Inventures II is looking for early-stage and scale-ups company with an investment ticket of €250,000 up to €1 Million.

To find out more about the Inventures II fund, please visit their dedicated website.

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