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Market positioning

Barnaby makes the quality of its partners' listings a point of honor and thus undertakes to offer enhanced visibility to a desirable community of quality clients!

Although the application is free, being a Barnaby user represents a real privilege.

Obviously, numerous applications, tourist guides, and influential bloggers continue to flourish. But Barnaby is clearly positioned as the LEADER in its specific niche:

The world of top of the range drinks (we do not list restaurants, exhibitions, brunches, etc.)

BARNABY is unique!

Market trends

Travelers are more and more connected.

Reasons for using smartphones when traveling.

"For which of the following reasons do you use your mobile device while you are traveling ?" (statista 2016)

Users prefer native applications.

In this ecosystem 2.0, the Barnaby targets are:

- The new generation of "connected" travelers (+1700% between 2011 and 2015) F. Gonzalo, May 2016 - Ever more "sophisticated" young city dwellers for whom quality takes precedence. Barnaby offers value to its targets by offering them the right venues at the heart of the town. Being in tune with the times! "The best kept secrets"

Barnaby will not be everything to everyone

Quentin Thireau, BARNABY founder

Global trends (Tourism development - UNWTO, 2015):

"Overnight stays: 278 million in 1980 / 1133 million in 2014" "Number of tourists in 2030: 1.8 billion"

Barnaby offers the same services as the big names (e.g.: Uber)


Direct competition

  • Dojo: brunch, exhibition, restaurant bar oriented mobile application ... but no qualitative selection about the place
  • Reserve: reservations and promotions tool, but at the moment only works for restaurants & is only in the United States
  • Diaz/Snapbar: applications in Beta version, no qualitative selection, their common aim: informing users about the cheapest bars
  • Abdus: mobile application which only offers listing & exclusively geared to "coffee shop"

Indirect competition

  • Yelp / TripAdvisor: guide the user via client comments. No selection or promotional offers
  • Privateaser/Youshould: internet sites, no application, and are only tools to reserve places for events
  • GoFindIt: mobile applications developer for hotels and list the surrounding points of interest
  • LaFourchette: just restaurant & and only reservation tool
  • Le Fooding: only aimed at catering & no mobile application

Key success factors:

  • Immediacy: A mobile application available at any place and at any time, with a geolocation system which precisely locates the client in order to send him/her local offers. Moreover, the inclusion of Beacon boxes at our partners’ sites allows "ultra" precise communication to be developed when the user passes in front of the place.
  • Promotion: exceptional reductions and only available thanks to the Barnaby application.
  • Selection of bars: a very precise pre-selection of the partner establishments as well as continuous quality control to guarantee the best client experience (future integration of a rating/internally collected comments system) and "mystery guest", which randomly tests our partners.
  • Ease of use: easy and practical access. An intuitive design which encourages the user to have a “seamless" experience on the application.
  • Integration of a live concierge, making it possible to largely humanize the application and thereby offer a unique experience to each Client. The recommendations of this qualified concierge, as well as the possibility to have him reserve a table in a bar, offer a real competitive advantage!
  • Prepayment: the future inclusion of the consumption payment system via the application will offer the Barnaby community practical, secure purchases (pre-registered bank cards and secure bank service).

Barnaby has observed that none of its competitors offer promotions or even the possibility to pay for their consumption directly via the app. Most of them only provide listings! Immediacy is an essential point with Barnaby. Its lightning-quick geolocation tool has only been possible with an IT development type: native. Costly, yes, but already greatly appreciated! Numerous competitors offer their users an application, but which is actually a simple adaptation of their Web site into a "mobile app" format (responsive design), the navigation also thereby becomes very complicated. None of the applications mentioned preselect the bars, with the exception of Time Out Bar (which grades its listed premises according to categories). Barnaby, on the other hand, offers an unbeatable selection of venues... It knows them all... This is a solid value and a guarantee of quality!