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Leo V

Deze app probeert dus op de eerste plaats patiënten van de huisarts naar de artsen achter deze app te trekken. Hoe reageren de verzekeringsmaatschappijen hierop? Zijn de consultaties via deze app terugbetaald door RIZIV? Hoe reageren de huisartsen organisaties die altijd de nadruk gelegd hebben op bereikbaarheid en persoonlijk contact plus medisch dossier van hun patiënten, waarvoor ze ook terugbetaald krijgen? dank. Leo Vervoort

Sidar O

Hi Leo, my English is better and faster than my Dutch so I will write in English. Let me know if it is a problem, I'll also respond in Dutch.

ViViDoctor doesn't try to get patients who already are able to easily go to doctor - in fact our target users are the people who can't/won't go to the doctor for several reasons: They are super busy / The ailment doesn't require a physical touch (prescription refills, sick notes, common colds, skin rashes, ....) / they are disabled and not conveniently mobile / they are in remote areas...Of course we will get part of the normal visit as well, but the main focus is to increase the accessibility of healthcare services.

These consultations are currently not reimbursed by RIZIV. In other countries this is not the case. But the opinion over there is shifting, and we have a direct line of contact with Ministry of Health to work the issues out.

We are at the beginning of a revolution, and it is not easy to change all behaviors in one go. However, we have a dedicated and skilled team and a good technological solution + the current status of the campaign is also a proof that the public craves for such a solution to a burning problem.

Here's a good article about us in French in L'Echo today:

Thank you very much for your question and if anything else is not clear, please don't hesitate.


Sidar Ok
CEO of ViViDoctor

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