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Market positioning

ViViDoctor operates in a sector that is quite developed in the rest of the world but is at its infancy stage in Belgium. That's why ViViDoctor has a first mover advantage in the country.

We are positioning Virtual Visits as an alternative to physical visits, not a replacement.

Our main model, which separates us from the competitors outside of Belgium, is our B2B2C strategy. We build products for customers but also tools for hospitals to reach their patients. We are on our way to becoming #1 in this area.

After proving our model and reaching scale in Belgium, our goal is to expand in other mature markets: such as France and Germany. We are negotiating with insurance partners to solidify our go-to market positioning.

Market trends

Telemedicine in the World and Europe

Wearable healthcare technology is putting the focus back on the patient-centric philosophy. Patients are asking for more data, more rights on their data and better accessibility. They have high speed mobile internet and can do everything online. The only missing link is a professional's opinion on this complex data. Patient-centric healthcare puts convenience at the top of the list for healthcare providers along with immediacy and accessibility. Furthermore, telemedicine will be the fastest growing trend in the coming years.

Hospitals and insurance companies are under the increasing pressure of cost cutting and at the same time improving quality of care. This trend forces the institutional stakeholders to take a closer look at innovation.

In terms of funding we see an increasing trend in the amount of cash injected into the sector. More and more pharmaceutical and insurance companies are becoming aware of this and are setting up accelerators to catch up to this revolution. The opportunities are thus endless.

The patients' behaviours towards healthcare services are also diverging - the average patient is happy to pay more for an increase in quality of care they receive. About 74% of patients are comfortable communicating with their doctors through technology instead of seeing them in person. For 67% of patients, using telemedicine increases their satisfaction towards medical care. There are lots of research that show an increasing interest and a mindset shift as a result of the consumerisation of healthcare services.


Physical Visits

We are not here to replace Physical Visits but rather complement them. That being said, we provide significant advantages over them:

  • ViViDoctor is cheaper when in comes to the total cost of ownership (EUR 20 vs. EUR 90)
  • It is much more accessible, convenient and easier to use
  • Thanks to appointments, the waiting period drops to 0 minutes.
  • Easier to track patient satisfaction
  • Delivery of care is much more mobile
  • Prevents no-shows with pre-payments instead of post-payments
  • Prevents fraud
  • Is a 0-CO2 solution

Video Visit Companies Abroad

In Belgium we don't have any other Video Visit company, the image below shows the ones that are outside of Belgium. Having local doctors + a B2B2C strategy is the main game play that sets ViViDoctor apart.

Differentiation in Detail

General Purpose Video Conferencing

  • Generic Purpose with no integration offered to the Health Ecosystem
  • Not secure enough to comply with HIPAA and EU standardsNot compliant with Belgian Privacy Commmision Security Standards
  • No integrated care-giving experience, no e-prescription, no search or history, no integration with wearables, no payment system.
  • Lack of adoption from the doctors


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