Ewala 1A

Sustainable Development Tax Shelter
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1. Main sharholders

Before the capital increase to which MyMicroInvest Finance will participate, the entrepreneurs of Ewala collectively own 41.59% of the company's shares (taking into account the 15,000 EUR invested by a new co-founder), whereas Startup Factory owns 58.41%.

2. Capital increase considered

The capital increase to which MyMicroInvest Finance participates will be comprised between 80,000 EUR and 100,000 EUR.
The Company is valued at a standard pre-money of 566,666 EUR. The post-money value of the company will therefore be comprised between 646,666 EUR and 666,666 EUR.
The table below describes the shareholding distribution after the capital increase, taking the assumption of a 100,000 EUR investment.

The entrepreneurs consider that the next capital increase will take place at the end of 2018.


The available budget for Tax Shelter investments has been fully utilised. Investments will not be eligible for the tax shelter advantage.