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Market positioning

Ewala position itself as a multiuse platform that can be used by online customers, retails, and businesses. Our exclusive partnership with telecom aggregators gives Ewala an advantage to make up to 8% more profit than any other players in the Belgian market. In product terms, we have built a platform that sells services in high demand like local mobile airtime, international credit transfers and international data.

- Online customers: These are the clients that we acquire through online platforms.
- Retails (shops): These are clients that resell Ewala to make an extra commission.
- Impact business: These are organizations that use Ewala as an incentive. For example, they use it as a marketing tool to acquire customers in emerging markets.

By the end of 2018, we will offer our clients to transfer money. We want to become the leading company in the remittance sector in the Benelux region. Our target market will be prepaid mobile airtime users & migrants.

Market trends

According to the WorldBank there are more than 247 million people living outside of their country of birth. This number will increase due to demographics forces, globalization and climate change.

In 2016 the World Bank estimates that more than $600 billion was transferred worldwide. Traditionally, there are two main ways to send value across borders: traditional money transfer operators (MTO) and banks. About 2 billion adults have no access to basic financial accounts. This gave traditional MNO's the space to control remittances by serving cash to millions of people. In the last 10 years, mobile telecom operators (MTO's) have been innovating in the sector. Telecom operator started giving people basic regulated accounts to transfer and withdraw funds with a basic mobile phone. This has given birth to what we know as Mobile Money. Since its creation, there are more than 750 million mobile money users worldwide. 4.5 billion Mobile subscribers around the world or 63% of the world population have a mobile subscription.

By 2020, the GSMA estimates that 1 billion new subscribers will be added over the period. The potential for mobile telecom operators to put traditional money transfer operators out business is not a fairy tell anymore

The main advantages to send money through mobile money can be divided in three parts:

1) Cost efficient: Sending money through mobile is less expensive. The recipient doesn’t have to travel to receive his money which makes it very easy for the people living in remote areas. The receiver has the freedom to send funds to any other phones or withdraw the money in any local kiosk.

2) Secure: Carrying large amounts of cash is dangerous. When traveling with cash, it can be easily stolen. Receiving funds instantly on the phone mitigates the risk.

3) Fast: Transferring money to a mobile money account is instant. The sender doesn't have to find an agency to find the best deal to transfer large amount money.



Direct Competition Belgium & the rest of Europe.

Retail: Moneytrans, MoneyGram, Western Union, Footimex, ID cards & Asra

Online: Becharge, Worldremit, Azimo & Monito.


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