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Michael Leidensdorf


[ahn-truh-pruh-nur, -noo r] noun;
1. A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Jean Charles Van Der Bruggen


JC is responsible for the choices and the technological coordination of Shiftmeapp. Senior expert in his field, he is creative, solution orientated and perfectly manages innovations.

I love teamwork and the exchanges and communication that can be found in good IT teams.

I'm able to adapt to any situation to suit the best both optimization of the web application and the client satisfaction.

I used some of the most well known CMS & e-commerce available now on the web:
\*Drupal \*Phpnuke\*PhpBB\*Ogone\*PayPal

And here are some random technologies I master:
\*Templating (using Smarty, TinyButStrong and css)
\*Mysql GUI tools for designing and maintaining database
\*Linux/Windows/Mac OS x Operating systems
\*Bash and shell scripts.
\*Using a webservice(API)
\*SMS sending/ Push sending

More on my LinkedIn profile.

Michael Goossens

Board member

Michael Goossens, founder @Viralety.
Viralety is an adventure capital fund that invests in aspiring entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas determined to build companies with long-term worth. We aim to be a strong strategic partner throughout the first difficult steps of a start-up's journey by investing mostly seed or even pre-seed capital for start-up R&D, product development and expansion while providing strategic guidance.

Pieter Van Diermen

Board member

Stakeholder and President of PYCO Group.

A former attorney and consultant with an IT twist specialized in business & company law as well as corporate legal strategy, Pieter advised multiple international clients across a variety of industries including several successful digital ventures before joining PYCO.

Pieter currently oversees PYCO's APAC operations and specializes in legal & strategic partnership planning for the Group while managing multiple autonomous development teams in South-East Asia.

Since 2010 Pieter successfully set up and managed several BOT (Build Operate Transfer) operations in Vietnam of up to 150+ staff for clients such as Atlassian, ansarada, Magnolia and Yellow Pepper.

Vincent Horsmans


Member of the Brussels Bar Association
Founding partners of the De Caluwé-Horsmans law firm

Erwann Ludot


Erwann Ludot is the independent management controller of Shiftmeapp who works alongside the CEO.

His role is to ensure that the budget is followed and to monitor cash-flow, draw up financial reports for the Board of Directors and advise management about finances.

Erwann spent his career as a management controller at the SAINT GOBAIN group and then as CFO at LAPEYRRE (a subsidiary of the Saint Gobain group).