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Historical accounts

The first two years of activity have been geared towards developing the IT solution and the establishment of the initial contractual relationships. The company has no debts and all the capital has been provided by the co-founders.

As at 30 September 2015, the equity of the company Helpigo was below half the subscribed capital and the company is therefore compliant with article 332 of the Companies Code. Helpigo has completed the formalities required in this regard.

Financial plan

The five-year financial plan is shown below. It has been validated by the company, Fisco Zone, which manages the company's accounts. To properly understand the figures, please note that the tax years run from 01/10/xx to 30/09/xx.

Revenue drivers

Our income assumptions are the following:

  • Firstly, the aim of the sales team is to secure annual subscriptions from 1000 job providers (restaurants) in the post-launch phase.
  • Secondly, word of mouth, the viral aspect and media campaigns must enable a 20% growth in our client base.
  • Thirdly, our partnership in France must generate a gradually increasing growth in income, half of which will be paid to our local partner.

All our offers are annual and include an unlimited number of uses or requests. Our worker offer- Jobber-
*A freemium option is the entry door to our site. It enables all workers to be listed on the site and to be available to the employment market.\*A paying option enables them to know who has consulted their profile and offers them an enhancement of their profile. The cost for this subscription is low at only €19/including VAT.
Our company offer- Job provider: The site offers freemium access which, after registration, makes it possible to consult all the available profiles for their request (task-time-location). Profile details and contact options are not available for this formula. The paying (Expert) at €239/excluding VAT* formula offers all the power of the concept, since it enables: * A search, * Access to contact details, * The creation of a team (privately) and the sending of group mails to the community for urgent searches. However, we are also working on a "Discover" option at €59 excluding VAT which enables access to the Expert functions for one month. This rate would be consistent with a pyramid of studied prices.

The income shown in the table below is the result of the hypotheses provided above:

Cost drivers

The main cost factors are broken down, in descending order: Marketing, Human Resources, IT, exceptional expenses. The solution is already stable and proven and the main aim of all the investments is the sale of the finished product.

Financial tables

The profitability threshold for our model is at around 3500 establishments broken down according to a distribution of 2750 food service establishments and 750 sports clubs or associations.

The "other debts" item includes the debts stipulated in a contract under negotiation between Helpigo and IPB, the advertising agency of the television channels of RTL BELUX SA & CIE SECS (RTL TVi, Club RTL and Plug RTL) as well as the Bel RTL and Radio Contact radio stations. Helpigo and IPB have come together to conclude a contract relating to the provision of advertising slots over a period of three years. The balance sheet includes an assumed invoicing of the estimated debts.

Break even volume

600.000 EUR - Obtained thanks to the selling of 2650 JOB PROVIDER EXPERT packages spread on HORECA and SPORT sectors.

Break even year

1 October 2018