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Market positioning

Our Unique Selling Proposition can be summed up as follows:
"Immediate matching with a qualified, available and accessible employee, at lower cost thanks to an annual membership fee offering unlimited usage."

Market trends

-The food services sector is characterized by the high number of active workers estimated at 150,000 workers (14% hotels - 86% catering). The potential of eligible workers (seeking work) is similar.

-The number of establishments is fixed at 48,000 establishments of which 23,900 have at least one to five employees.. -More than half of the establishments of all types operate only with one active manager and have no employees on staff. This gives a good idea of the volatility and uncertainty of the sector and the demand for extra help or temporary workers.

-On the other side, the sector is subject to a cycle specific to school holidays (tourism), end-of-year celebrations (catering-markets) and occasional shows (fairs, festivals, events, etc.).

-Finally, following the recent events (pedestrianization, terrorism, blackbox, etc.), the sector is particularly tense. The government has understood this and proposed the creation of flexi-jobs and better clarified the status of occasional staff.

Our platform offers an easy, low-cost solution to enable employers to ensure stability within their team. The costs to join our platform are perfectly in line with the price sensitivity in the sector, namely: €19.90/month.

Within this perspective, as far as our flagship product is concerned (JOB PROVIDER EXPERT), we are planning for the annual acquisition of clients at a rate of 2.5% of the market/year. Our target is set at 9.1% of the total market for food service establishments during the fourth year.

data: Food Service Sector: Planning Office 2011


The competition is focused around two main axes: temping agencies and on-line advertising sites.

As far as the temping agencies are concerned, we are thinking of acting in parallel with those who provide a "turnkey solution". They offer a complete service but the cost is high and the implementation slower. Randstad recently confidentially launched its Ploy application. This has strengths and weaknesses. It particularly attracts managers for this style of "ready to work" solution.

As far as the on-line advertising sites are concerned, there are several competitors (Mister Horeca, Job Kitchen, etc.) who focus their business around the employment offer. HELPIGO is at the opposite side of this approach, since we are offering a concept based on the worker and his/her skills. Finally, our solution is available at a lower cost, since we offer unlimited use based on an annual subscription of €19.90/month (excluding VAT). The competition positions itself at costs ranging from €50 to €189 per offer/request!