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An intensive personal training programme in just 20 minutes a week
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Market positioning

There are several revenue streams, ranging from the network of three self-managed studios in Belgium, as well as the three franchisees’ studios and by bringing the studios in offices with fit20@work. We have a unique innovative value proposal that has unprecedented features (speed, convenience, results in no time) and hence no direct competition. The aim is to open 100+ studios in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Market trends

Adults and adolescents aren’t physical enough and hardly move. The fit20-method makes use of the long-term Health Fitness trends such as “High Intensity (Interval) Training”, “Functional Fitness”, “Educated, Certified and Experienced Professionals”, “Strength Training” and “Personal Training”.


No direct competition is present in Belgium.

Fitness programs with personal coaching (e.g. personal trainer at home or in a club). However, no other fitness program in Belgium offers the combined fit20 benefits of results, speed and convenience (no changing clothes and privacy of solo or duo training).

fit20 is a uniquely positioned fitness program that leverages an existing track record and acts on the trend of “long and vital living”.


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