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Market positioning

Our customers are people who take medication regularly (for treatment of chronic illnesses, contraception, palliative treatment, dietary supplements) and have an iPhone 5 or 6. In Belgium, 250,000 people have an iPhone and take medication regularly.

How we obtained this figure:
Belgian population between 18 and 64 years of age: 6,919,758 (1)
Two thirds have a smartphone, and 14% of these are iPhones, (2) which gives us 645,844 persons.
But 40% of those insured under social security take medication regularly.
Our potential Belgian clientele is therefore 250,000 people, including women on oral contraceptives.
In France, 1,905,000 people have an iPhone and take medication regularly.
How we obtained this figure:
French population between 18 and 65 years of age: 40,056,924 (4)
Of these, 58% have a smartphone (5), and 20.5% of these are iPhones (6), which gives us 4,762,768 persons.
Forty percent of these people take medication regularly.

Market trends

The global market for mobile phone accessories reached 81.5 billion USD in 2015. This market should reach 101 billion in 2020, supported by an annual average growth of 4.3% (CAGR) (source: ABI research, Oct. 2015)


Direct competitors

To date, there is no protective case for a smartphone specifically designed for storage of medications. The development of PILO led to the filing of a patent.

Indirect competitors

Smart pillboxes of the Medissimo type are intended for elderly people taking multiple medications. The size of an A4 sheet of paper, they are impractical for active people and as traditional pillboxes.


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