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Régis Plattard


Holder of an Executive MBA from ESSEC Paris and the Mannheim Business School. He is thoroughly familiar with the pharmaceutical market!
After 15 years of experience in various positions within the group, he had a strong desire to become an entrepreneur. After his wife’s accident, Régis realised how difficult it is for chronic patients to take their medication regularly. That is how he had the idea to combine the daily use of the smartphone with observance of a medical treatment.

Simon de Smet


SUREST has surrounded itself with carefully selected partners, such as the MADE IT design agency, to ensure its road to success.

Azèle Mathieu


Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship in the health sector, Azèle is managing director of the Lifetech.Brussels cluster.

Bernadette Jiwa


Bernadette advises SUREST on brand and marketing strategy.