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Het sociale netwerk voor je buurt. Gebruikt door meer dan 75.000 huishoudens
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Historical accounts

At the end of 2014, we were selected by Telenet Kickstart Accelerator from among more than 450 entries. We received our first €25,000 for the formation of Hoplr BVBA. In 2015, Hoplr was also chosen to join the ecosystem of both KBC Start-it and Duval Union.

In early 2016, we held a fund-raising round. We aimed for a capital increase of €250,000 from a strategic investor. Together with this, Hoplr BVBA was converted into a public limited liability company, Hoplr NV. We also had a subsidy of €100,000 from the Flanders Innovation and Enterprise Agency (VLAIO) and were selected for the Roularta Mediatech Accelerator.

After three years of focusing intensively on the product and numerous iterations, we succeeded in validating the product and the market (market fit). In early 2017, we switched to business focus and in recent months have started our first sales cycle. This immediately led to our first revenues.

Financial plan

The financial plan was drawn up on the basis of the investments and costs necessary for the further roll-out of the Hoplr neighbourhood platform. The revenue hypotheses were drawn up on the basis of the initial results in 2017 and the positive feedback from the existing clients. We gave preference to a cautious but ambitious approach. The five-year financial plan, drawn up and approved by the management of Hoplr NV, is presented below.

Revenue drivers

Hoplr offers services to the following parties:

  • Local authorities
  • Local services
  • Utility companies
  • Local organisations
  • Local businesses

Hoplr issues annual licences for one of the following modules. Charges are calculated on the basis of the module, scope and any custom work.

Cost drivers

The capital increase is primarily defined and is based on the cost estimate for the roll-out of the Hoplr neighbourhood platform in Belgium.

Financial tables

Download HOPLR - Summary financial figures NL.pdf

Break even year

1 January 2019