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Danny V

Can you give me an overview of the ownership of the company? Did the ownership recently changed? If yes..Why and how?
You already had a crowdfunding project some months ago . Why do you choose now for a "share-capital" crowdfunding and not for a new "loan"-crowdfunding?
Why did you changed the platform for this new crowdfunding (bolero--> spreds)?

Marie M

Thank you very much for your question.
For all details on ownership please go to the following link, where you will find all the details.
There has been a change in the ownership but this was mainly to attract more experienced and high skilled people into Sizable.
We have chosen MMI as a new platform mainly to target a new crowd of ambassadors and raise even more awareness for Sizable.
The reason why we have chosen equity, is because we can leverage this for a loan from institutions like Brussels invest.

We hope this answers your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

David W

Do you plan to extend the range of clothes you commercialized ?

Laurent D Entrepreneur


Yes indeed, range will be expand : t-shirts, swimsuits, sport collection, junior and later on women.