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Market positioning

Sizable's products will be priced at a higher level to reflect the high-end quality and value associated with the brand. The company will use high-end materials such as eucalyptus (lyocell), bamboo and bio-cotton. Sizable is targeting males above 25 years of age. The Sizable customer is a versatile man who can fit into any environment and is willing to pay a high price for quality clothing.

Customers are increasingly looking for products made locally or close to home. Fast fashion and sweatshops are (rightly) under pressure. Just for this reason, Sizable has decided to to produce its collection in Europe.

Market trends

First Insight’s data reveal that, over the past three years, underwear is the only men’s apparel category that showed a significant increase in average price: up 34%. According to Euromonitor, from 2013 through 2015, the men’s underwear market grew by 9%, from €37,7 million to €41,1 million—whereas the total apparel industry saw only a 5% increase during that period.

An increasing number of brands have entered the category, innovating in the areas of comfort, performance technology and style/luxury. Another factor that has influenced category growth is that millennials and older men who have started shopping for themselves more often in recent years. Men’s perception of fashion has changed, and men are making more of their own apparel purchases.