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Market positioning

QIQO positions itself as a "hot, natural energy drink". QIQO is 100% natural and contains 0% of sugar giving consumers a pleasant and durable energy boost. QIQO is positioned as a 'good for you' energising drink.

QIQO taps in on different macro consumer trends described below.

Market trends

Macro trends shaping the QIQO opportunity:

  • Functional foods & beverages are growing
  • Within functional food & beverages, "energy drinks" is driving the growth (CAGR '12-'16 is +7,5% (Nielsen))
  • Natural foods & beverages are growing: driven by an increase in health-awareness, people look for more healthy and natural foods & beverages
  • An increasing sugar aversion: people are turning away from sugar and looking for sugar-free alternatives
  • Convenience: consumers are embracing convenient ways of shopping (subscriptions)
  • Out-of-Home beverage consumption (in office, on the go, etc) is growing. Especially the in-office consumption of hot beverages (coffee, tea).

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In Belgium, a beverage like QIQO does not exist. Start-ups with similar positioning (hot, natural energy drinks / energy-teas) in the US have been identified: Zest Tea (award winning energy tea) and Levity Brew.

Competition - "share of throat" - can be summarised as followed:
- Coffee
- Tea
- Cold energy drinks
- Caffeinated soft drinks like COLA

The table below shows which beverage(s) QIQO is replacing (n=82, multiple answers possible).

This survey shows that:
- for most consumers QIQO is replacing coffee (-> driven by fruity taste, easy on stomach, guiltfree)
- consumers switching QIQO for tea (-> driven by energy aspect of QIQO)
- consumer switching QIQO for energy drinks & cola (-> QIQO is sugar-free)

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