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The virtual reality platform that facilitates real estate purchase
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Historical accounts

Nirli has started in January 2016 by focusing on a consultancy activity in B2B.

In July 2017, Nirli has shifted the activity from consultancy to virtual reality in order to develop the application for real estate and the cloud platform.

After 4 months of development, Nirli has sold to its first customers.

Financial plan

The financial plan for year 2018 until 2021 has been developed by the management team and is presented above.

Revenue drivers

Since November 2017, Nirli has already delivered VR services to various customers.

The customers pay a price per square meter. The most appreciated finition is the one at 3€ per square meter. The average order is 140 square meters.

Nirli foresees an average volume of 4500 square meters per month until September 2018, an average volume of 10.416 square meters per month until September 2019, an average of 41,666 square meters per month until September 2020 and an average of 116,666 square meters per month until September 2021.

In parallel, Nirli foresees to develop ad-hoc tailor-made VR applications for marcom and smart cities together with ad-hoc consultancy in VR for companies willing to make the digital transformation using VR.

As of 2019, Nirli foresee to have the first results of the research done on the brain controller, allowing to patent and use brain controller to move within the VR environment in real estate.

Cost drivers


Nirli's main costs are related to staff. Nirli has a team of three and is looking to support its growth and innovation by hiring two persons in 2018, to focus on the development of the web platform and the brain controller interface to move in VR. Nirli will hire one more person in 2019 to strenghen the commercialisation of the new web platform.

Marketing costs

Nirli foresees to attend various expositions and conferences to promote the VR services. In parallel, Nirli also foresees to promote to B2C in order to create a demand with its main B2B customers.

As soon as the new web platform will be ready or in beta-testing and in parallel of the brain controller interface, Nirli will also promote during the main exposition such as Batibouw, Batireno, Mipim and others.

Break even volume

41.666 square meter per month aligned during 5 months

Break even year

1 January 2020


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