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What if recruiting were as simple as shopping online?
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Historical accounts

Startup date 7.02.18. No historical accounts available.

Financial plan

The financial plan of 5 years, prepared by the Joboxx Recruitment Technologies management, is presented hereafter:

Revenue drivers

To predict revenue streams, we based our presumptions on the number of unfilled vacancies per country. Although our research shows that up to 90% of all organisations currently do not use professional recruitment software, we aim our business at the 60% of the vacancies issued by small and medium sized companies employing 50 FTE or less. These smaller businesses do not, and are believed to not soon, have access to technological recruitment solutions. Our aim is to attract and retain up to 10% of these small and medium sized companies to over a period of 5 years. (SOM Flanders : 16.000 vacancies per year)


The most important revenue driver is the margin earned on the resale of job postings, that we will offer to our customers in bundles (retail value EUR 1.200), that we wil be acquiring in bulk from the job sites and social media (purchase value EUR 450)

This turnover will be completed by the acquisition fees earned as "single point of contact" between customers and interim- or recruitment agencies.

A third source of revenue comes from the sales of online assessments and personality tests.

Cost drivers


The most important cost to's launch is advertising (marketing costs 25%). For our business model to succeed we need an fast market introduction. Attaining accelerated growth will not only guarantee us the better resale margins it will also keep possible copycats at bay. Office costs are variable as we chose location in a startup hub (The Hive, Ghent). The amount of FTE gradually grows from 6 people in the first year to 34 FTE in year 5. The most important functions are filled by marketing, customer care and development headcount.

Break even volume

Break even volume is reached at 2.500 vacancies, or the equivalent of EUR 3.000.000 in job postings, completed by EUR 330.000 in other fees and services.


This business qualifies for the startup tax shelter. If you meet the conditions, 45% of your investment will be reducted from your personal income taxes. Read more…