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Historical accounts

The activity so far has been focusing on building the platform and the proprietary tools we have in-house to make scaling up possible. This is reflected in the financial accounts of the company, in which we see a big part of investments having been turned into assets.

Financial plan

The 4-year financial plan, developed by company itinari’s management, is presented here below.

Revenue drivers

We have three types of revenues envisioned, amounting to 6 MEUR est. in 2021.
1) Sales of itinari widgets, As-A-Service, to hotels and accommodation business.
This will account for approx. 65 % of all revenues in 2021.

2) Sales of itinari "guided articles" to Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). This will account for approx. 15% of all revenues in 2021.

3) Transactions on our platform, with revenues generated as commissions from our affiliated partners. Conversion rates (% of users in our website who end up booking a room or a transport in one of our affiliates) has been assumed with prudence: 0.1 % - 0.2%, respectively for transport and accommodation.

Cost drivers

Costs are (almost exclusively) linked to people, plus some minor marketing campaign costs, as well as technical and operational expenses (servers, applications and access to APIs). There is no major investment foreseen whether in assets, or any other materials. The crucial element for us is to be able to cover - during the product enhancement phase - the cost of the itinari team, as well as our community of free-lancers editors spread across the continent.

Financial tables

Break even volume

The break-even will be reached at 50kEUR/m

Break even year

1 January 2020


The available budget for Tax Shelter investments has been fully utilised. Investments will not be eligible for the tax shelter advantage.