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Market positioning

We target travelers who do not limit themselves to big cities, but who like to discover off-the-beaten path areas and hidden gems. They tend to be rather mobile, connected, and look for authentic content from travelers and locals like them. On itinari, they will not pay for reading the content.

We sell "itinari widgets" to hotels and portals, asking in return for a fixed monthly fee. No additional commission. They retribute the fact that on one single point, included in their website, the visitor has all the information he needs about the destination: events around, nice places to visit, stories told by best bloggers about things to see in the direct area.

Market trends

There is an overall market trend towards the need for having travel authentic content when making booking decisions.

Between 2010 and 2015, many startups were launched to offer a trip planning experience to users, enabling them to create a personalised itinerary. In 2016, Google announced the launch of "Google destinations", then "Google Trips", beating the competition there.

What we have seen since, is more a move toward authentic and locally-sourced content.
Since 2 years ago, there are initiatives in that direction, and this is where we play. Companies like Skyscanner , Kayak or have acquired or partnered with content / location analytics companies to improve the experience they offer and turn more visitors into customers.


Our closest competitors are the travel editor guides (e.g. Lonely Planet, Le Routard) or start-ups (e.g. The Culture Trip) who have decided to adopt an editorial approach to tackle today's travel challenges and needs. Even Lonely Planet, very recently, has launched a "Trip" app, understanding the relevance of going digital and enable travelers to tell personal stories, and share their trips with friends.

Beware: itinari is not just a blog, or a huge catalogue of articles. We also want to help our users to create their own trip, based on the stories they like the most. This trip planning part of our value proposal is crucial as it distinguishes us from all blogs, travel guides, or websites from Destination Marketing Organisations ("DMOs").