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Market positioning

With we want to become the software solution used by all second home owners and expats on the private market. Besides the further development of solutions that simplify the life for expats, we also function as the 'glue' between our users and our service partners.

For the launch of new destination countries, we have a SaaS-first approach. This will allow us to expand faster towards new destinations and helps to keep our focus towards a further development.

Market trends

Generation baby boom

People from the generation of baby boomers are either on the verge of retirement, or are already enjoying that well deserved pension. Since crossing borders no longer poses a threshold for this generation, the dream of spending some time abroad just lurks around the corner. It's not suprisingly that the number of (belgian) retirees abroad has doubled over the past 14 years.

Freedom for employees

Instead of arranging everything for the expatriation of their employees, companies nowadays tend to give more freedom. In fact, about 52% of companies rather give their employees a budget where the employee gets to decide on how to spend it, than to arrange the services for them.

Low-cost adventure moves and DIY moves are becoming more popular. In fact, more than half (52%) of companies now have employee-initiated move policies.

Business insider - Yearly International Mobility Trends report (2018), Crown mobility


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