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Pieter Moeremans


After studying for half a year in the United States, the thought of moving there was never far off. After figuring out the necessary steps to realize this move, one thing was crystal clear: this should be easier!

- Education: Master Engineering Management (University of Antwerp)
- Experience: 3 years as an implementation and product manager at Connecting-Expertise
- Role in the team: Captain

Jan Willem Cornelis


Jan Willem already has some experience as team lead developer at taglayer and bank Delen. He will act as the spirit animal of our developers.

- Studies: Toegepaste informatica (KDG)
- Ervaring: 2,5 jaar software engineer & team lead
- Rol in het team: Development Guru

Ben Van Raemdonck


Together with Jan Willem, Ben helps to guide our technical team to unknown heights. After his internship, we are expecting him to take over the rudder from Jan Willem and to become our first employee!

- Education: Applied Informatics - Application development (KDG)
- Role in the team: Technical wizzard!

Camilo Escudero


Camilo has a background in e-business and real estate. His experience as a community manager at a company that promotes real estate in Costa Blanca, will definitely come in usefull!

- Education: e-business (EPHEC)
- Experience: Immo abita en Funeplanet
- Role in the team: Commercial talent

Ivan Alvarez


Ivan is fluent in 6 languages and chose to do his internship at He supports the team operationally and manages our partner relationships.

German Martinez


German ended up collaborating with via an 'Erasmus 4 entrepreneurs' program. With his background in journalism, he manages contacts with international press and brings content marketing to a next level.

Hoang Le Minh


We know Hoang Le as a driven intern. Besides his background as a fullstack developer, he also knows what it takes to expatriate!

Leander Petroci


Nikita Kislitskiy