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Historical accounts

N/A: the company has been created in November 2017, it's first financial exercise will be closed in December 2018.

Financial plan

The 5-year financial plan, developed by Whelp’s management, is presented here below:

Revenue drivers

Our main revenue drivers are:

  • Per hour IT help jobs performed at home
  • Fix price broken Smartphone reparation
  • Fix price Digital training workshops
  • B2B2C partnerships
  • Internationalization in France and Germany

In this revenues analysis, we make the following assumptions:

  • A gross margin of 30% average
  • A VAT waiver for 70% of our Belgian jobs based on the sharing economy model
  • An average of 1h40 for the duration of our interventions
  • A cost of acquisition of 15,5€ per customer in average
  • An average monthly growth rate of 10 to 20%

Cost drivers

Our cost drivers are:

  • Our labor costs, both direct ( freelancers working for Whelp) and indirect (employees technicians, software developers, business developers, management, etc)
  • Cost of goods sold, for instance when we repair iPhone Screens
  • Marketing costs, such as online marketing via Google AdWords and offline marketing
  • IT software licenses and cloud service usage

Financial tables

Break even volume

Break even volume will be achieved with an estimated 550 weekly interventions of 1h40 average duration.

Break even year

1 May 2020


This business qualifies for the startup tax shelter. If you meet the conditions, 45% of your investment will be reducted from your personal income taxes. Read more…
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