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Market positioning

Whelp provides one if not the cheapest service for IT assistance in many parts of Belgium and all over the country within one year.

For all services we provide, we intentionally align our prices with the lower tier of the competition landscape, while matching the first tier when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Our vision:

- Consumer IT assistance must become a commodity
- Non-tech-savvy people should not have to think twice before asking for help
- Our customers should know exactly where to find the help they need

For this reason, we want to become a low-cost, high trust service provider that can fix our clients' problems at low prices, and at the place and time that suits them best.

Market trends

The current acceleration of our business relies on two important main market trends:

Senior Digital gap

Despite the growing penetration rate of internet and digital devices among adults, seniors are still lagging behind:

  • 1 in 3 people aged 65+ have never used the internet (Pew Research 2017)
  • 1 in 3 lack confidence for basic online activities.
  • 3 in 4 need assistance with their new electronic device

This creates a large untapped market for technology assistance for seniors.

Smartphone TCO Gap

18-35 y.o. tend to acquire or be given premium yet fragile smartphones with prohibitive repair costs:

  • €1159 for an iPhone X
  • €490 for a screen replacement
  • About 80% of this demographic want their smartphone fixed immediately


The market that Whelp is operating in is currently very fragmented, with few big players and a predominance of traditional brick and mortar stores.

We differ from our competition in that :

  • We are more affordable - overall 40% cheaper (average cost Whelp service 50 €)
  • Our home-visit model ensures a much faster and easier solution
  • We typically respond to a request within minutes and solve the issue in less than two hours
  • Our no cure no pay service, means zero diagnostics fee, while most if not all the competition apply diagnostics fees of up to 100 euros with no guaranty of solution
  • We focus on 20% of problems felt by 80% of the population, they are advertising a full service, all problem, all technology addressed, which rarely match reality
  • We focus on low cost, low margins, high operational efficiency, high scalability, allowing for swift national scale-up.

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