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Market positioning

The interns recruitment market is bigger than one could think, even at national level and it is untapped and inexhaustible.

4.5 million students do an internship in Europe every year. Event though we don't have reliable statistics on the number of internships in Belgium, we assume they are numerous as Brussels-Wallonia federation alone counts 80.000 students at university and 80.000 students in higher education institutions.

Market trends

In the "internship" market, we see more and more sourcing platforms (student.be, Jobteaser, WTTJ,...). They allow companies to post jobs and internship offers in exchange of a paid subscription. They also allow students to apply in one click. However, as students usually don't get an answer, they tend to apply to countless offers. The impact of this behavior is that companies receive tons of applications, including candidates who don't have a real interest in their offer which leaves even less time to companies to respond to the applications. This creates a sort of vicious circle.


The traditional recruitment agencies and Interim agencies don't compete with us on this niche market. We assume that they would have difficulties to make it profitable with their current way of working and cost structure.

Our competition are mostly the "I do it myself": the companies that recruit interns themselves, either because they are convinced that they have the knowledge and time to do it or because they don't know that we offer an alternative.

A startup from Gent "Studaro" is quite close to our model. It recruits students for student (paid) jobs and act as an interim agency. If our information is correct, it is progressively pivoting towards the recruitment of interns (or expanding its service offering).