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Laurent Pantusa


Laurent is the founder of TYRO. He graduated from the Louvain School of Management and he started his career in Consulting. Three years later, he was recruited to join a team of internal consultants which, together with McKinsey, implemented LEAN Management (Operational Excellence) at AXA Belgium. At the end of the program three years later, Laurent move to the role of project manager in business transformation and later to the role of strategic transformation leader (senior manager position). Attracted by entrepreneurship for years, he decided to launch his startup in a field that is very meaningful to him: finding learning opportunities for young talents. His experience as a project manager, his consulting skills and his expertise in Operational Excellence are key assets to make Tyro a performing and profitable company.

Pierre Tillement


Pierre graduated from the George Washington University in 2016. He got a scholarship to study in the US as a student athlete in Golf.
He will also graduate this summer from KU Leuven as an MBA. Initially, Pierre joined Tyro as an intern himself and worked there during 6 months before he was offered a co-founder position 4 months ago. As a former student himself, Pierre contributed to elaborate the User Experience that Tyro offers to student so that it relevant to them. His perfect English and his Athlete mindset perfectly fit to the current (and future) challenges of Tyro.

Charlotte Oloton


Charlotte graduates this year from the ICHEC in Management. Before she crossed paths with Tyro, she already had gained experience through her numerous student jobs, internships and roles in student associations. Charlotte found an internship in digital marketing through TYRO.. A couple of months later, she was offered a role as cofounder and joined the team. Her tri-lingual (nl, en, fr) education combined with her high social skills are also key assets to the development of our business.