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Financial plan

The financial plan developed by PASHA covering the period until 2021 is attached below.

Our target is to provide 10'000 digital signages in the 10 biggest belgian cities at the end of 2021.

Download Pasha Parking_plan financier_101218.xlsx

Revenue drivers

The number of PASHA parking places varies according to the city. The "P & L Monthly" tab of the financial plan resumes in its first lines, the number of PASHA places per cities. For Brussels, the number of targeted places is 3 '000 in late 2021. The number of places available in front of garages is around 50,000 for the region of Brussels (RBC). PASHA places represent only 6% of the places actually available.

In Wallonia and Flanders, the number of places available in front of garages is much larger. The number of PASHA places for cities such as Liège and Antwerp is less than 2%.

The "Speculations" tab of the financial plan shows the cost price of the smart digital signage. The R&D studies carried out indicate that this price will be at most 50 € for 2 years of lifetime.

The turnover generated by a signage is:

  • In parking meter zone, a rate of 2.96 €/h for 3h parking and 15 days per month, resulting in 195 €.
  • In evening zone, a rate of 1.96 €/h for 2 hours of parking and for 12 days a month, resulting in 47 €.
  • In night zone, a rate of 1.96 €/night, for 8 days/month, resulting in 16 €

Meaning a total of 188 € per month of which 50% go to the owner of the garage or 94 € and the remaining balance is the service fee of PASHA which is 78 € excluding VAT.

Cost drivers

In 2018 :

Variable costs represent 3/4 of the CAPEX needs, particularly for research as well as legal and tax development, hardware (digital signage) and software (PASHA platform). Operating costs, payroll and marketing /communication represent only 25%.

In 2019 and 2020 :

Payroll costs are the main cost between 40-50%. Indeed, from the end of 2018 and in the course of 2019, expert profiles in IT, legal and commercial will join the co-founders. Operating costs come in second place between 35-40% and represent 2/3 the production of digital signage. Finally, operating costs and marketing represent 15 to 20%.

In 2021 :

As soon as the company reaches cruising speed, 2/3 of the costs represent the payroll costs that allow hardware and software support. The operating and variable expenses are equivalent and are each worth 15% of the costs. Marketing costs are minimal at 5%.

Break even volume

june 2019 - 46.483,00 €

Break even year

1 June 2019


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