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Market positioning

PASHA service is unique and offers drivers ON-STREET parking.
PASHA service offers users immediacy and proximity.
With PASHA, time lost in OFF-STREET underground parking is over and in addition to that you only pay the exact time consumed.
PASHA's target is any driver who doesn't want to lose any time looking for a parking place.

Market trends

Growth of digital payments :

With the growth of smartphone penetration, more and more industries are radically disrupted by the growth of digital payment solutions. According to Accenture, by 2020 digital payments will be the preferred payment method worldwide.

Urbanization & Environmentalism :

With more than 50% of the world's population now living in big cities, solutions are needed more than ever to connect cars to parking spaces more efficiently, ensuring that excess space can be designated for housing and infrastructure. There is evidence that allowing cars to park efficiently reduces congestion and therefore CO2 emissions by up to 30%.

Eco-system :

With drivers and cities demanding new solutions, entrepreneurs around the world are creating parking software to solve the parking problem. For the Belgian market, PASHA PARKING is the only company offering a legal solution for on-street parking in front of garages.


Pasha Parking is the only private company to offer an on-street service. Therefore, the direct competition is the street parking depending on the different regulated zones.
The main advantage of Pasha service compared to traditional parking is the immediacy concept, we no longer waste time searching thanks to the localisation of OUR places.

Indirect competition involves all actors operating off-street. On the one hand, new private actors such as BePark and Parkpnp also offer a decentralised offer and on the other hand private actors such as Qpark and Interparking offer a centralised offer.
The main advantage of PASHA service compared to these different private actors is, in addition to the rate per minute again the notion of immediacy, meaning we no longer waste time to access an underground parking place or to take an appointment for a key exchange.

In conclusion, park-and-ride parking, is an initiative resulting from a public-private partnership or proposed by a public actor. These allow intermodality between the car and public transport. The main advantage of PASHA service, besides immediacy is, thanks to the BLUE ZONE, to put forward a more diversified intermodal offer: in the public transport offer as with the bicycles in self-service.