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Gilles M

What do you expect companies can see as added value to have bikes shared between employees? Most probably this is not for home to work commuting so how will companies share your bikes between their employees?

Jim B Entrepreneur

Hey Gilles,

You are indeed correct, we are not targeting the work/home commute.
However, there are several other purposes that a (e-)bike sharing platforms can be used for.

Some companies would like to provide bicycles to their employees for short journeys, such as client meetings, lunch breaks or commuting to and from the nearest public transport stop. These companies are generally more isolated and are looking for alternative and sustainable transport.

Additionally, such a scheme is ideal for businesses on or with large premises, such as business parks or just big companies, where distances are too far to walk and too short to take the car. Some of these companies already have bicycles, in this case we can just integrate our technology. Just think of companies located at the harbour, large companies
such as BASF etc.

Finally our platform also permits our customers to charge their users if they wish, allowing them to get a return on their investment. We are in touch with project developers, hotels etc.

The added value is that businesses need less bicycles because they can be shared (more easily anyways), and therefore make their fleet more efficient. This system also implies no key management and thus less inconvenience, and allows them to track usage and make adjustments based on our data reports.

I hope this answers your question!

Best regards,