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Market positioning

Upon starting Cloudbike we always wanted to centre our business model around one key element – quality. From comfortable and stylish bikes, to excellent customer service, we want to provide our customers with a unique ride experience. We are Antwerp locals, born and bred, understanding the workings of our cosmopolitan city like ‘the back of our handjes’. We position ourselves as the go-to mobility solution for consumers demanding comfort and quality over price.

Market trends

Mobility problems and pollution

If you live or have ever been in Belgium, it should not be surprising for us to mention the congestion. People are sitting in traffic now more then ever, especially in and around Antwerp. A recent study by the European Space Agency shows that Antwerp is one of the world's Nitrogen Dioxide pollution hotspots. Transport is a leading cause of this alarming level of emissions, further pressuring politicians to encourage green mobility solutions in the city.

Demand for alternative mobility

More and more people are tired of sitting in traffic and not knowing how long their journey will take. They come to us because they are looking into different modes of transportation such as (e-)bikes, cargo bikes etc

Marc Groven, CEO iBike

Employers have also picked up on this and are looking for sustainable mobility solutions for their employees, we have been approached by numerous companies and municipalities so far.

Growth in supply of shared (smart) mobility solutions

Due to the increase in demand for alternative mobility solutions and advancements in technology, shared (smart) mobility projects such as Cloudbike have boomed over the last year. In Antwerp alone, besides ourselves, we have witnessed the introduction of (e-)car, scooter and step sharing platforms such as Poppy, Scooty and Bird. Also MAAS-applications like Whim, Pikaway and Optimile are on the rise, these apps act as a route planner and offer different modes of transportation that can be used and paid for through the app.


Mobit: A new free floating system with 250 bikes. So far their arrival has had little to no impact on our results.
Blue-bike: This is a back-to-one platform that provides 50 bikes at the Antwerp station. A bike can be rented for a day but needs to be brought back to the pickup location.
Swapfiets: This company provides personal bikes for 17,5 euro's per month including repairs. They have recently started in Antwerp and are doing well, we see them as indirect competitors since it does not involve shared bikes.
Velo Antwerpen: The city's very popular and widely used bike share with 3125 bikes and 300 docking docking stations. They are also known for their lesser quality and Cloudbike has great USP's to convert these customers into ours.

  • First mover advantage: We were the first smart bike share in Antwerp, therefore we gained a lot of press and a substantial customer base.
  • High quality bikes: Our bikes are one of the best you can find for a bike share.
  • User friendly app: A very intuitive and easy to use mobile application.
  • Little barriers: You can set up your account and start riding within minutes. We do not require a deposit, which makes it easy to use especially for the tourist market.
  • Drop zones: Cloudbike lies somewhere between a free float and a dock based system, it has the best of both worlds. Customers will never encounter a 'full station' and it allows us to keep a well organised and rebalanced system.
  • Strong branding: We are not your everyday bike share, we position ourselves as a young, cool and stylish brand.
  • Local founders: We know what our customers want and we know our city.

We have proven to have differentiated ourselves with our USP's. Despite some direct and indirect competitors that have joined the market since our launch, Cloudbike has still shown month on month growth since launching.