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Jim Briels


After finishing his Masters degree in Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp Jim gained some working experience, in his last job he helped setting up a new business unit for a logistics company. Dreaming of having his own business one day since he was a kid, he was always thinking of new business ideas. The smart bike sharing idea hit him over 2 years ago, before the hype, and he converted the idea into a well-functioning business. Jim focuses primarily on the operational side, he makes sure the business is running smoothly and is constantly thinking about strategy and the future of the business.

Max Machtelinckx


After completing his highschool degree Max went abroad for a couple of years to play hockey professionally. Upon his return he found himself playing with Jim at Royal Antwerp Hockey Club for 7 years. Max was approach to be a co-founder and fulfils a commercial role for the business. His experience in sales for an IT company and a supplier of contruction materials has learned him how to excel in his field. The combination of his charmismatic, likeable personality with a high level of empathy make him a great people person.

Jimmy Smans


Jimmy is our man on the street! He is in charge of keeping the bikes up to Cloudbike standards. He makes sure our customers can enjoy their rides safely, and regularly redistributes our fleet in order to maintain enough supply in all drop zones.