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Market positioning

Obviously, our service is oriented towards everyone who is somehow related to field hockey. This market is rapidly increasing and well surrounded by a lot of interested corporate actors.

The goal of Scorrd is to become the platform where all hockey passionates can find everything they need relating to hockey; the social experience, the functional information as well as interesting content and promotions. We believe in the power of communities like the hockey community.

We're working with all different actors and partners to make sure to handle the total needs by one single application.

Market trends

Hockey one of the biggest followed sports in the world

Field Hockey is one among the top 10 sports in the world.
Our sport has an estimated global following of 2 billion fans and sees its primary sphere of influence in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The contemporary field hockey sport was first played in England in the 1800s. The sport is widely played in India, The Netherlands, Australia, and Pakistan, whose teams are extremely followed. The sport has also been experimenting and incredible growth in countries like Germany, Belgium, England, USA and Argentina.

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Our goal is clearly to become the reference platform for field hockey in the world.
There are two competitors, but both are challenging just one of Scorrd's market approaches, the hockey transfers. Urusports & Recruitment4hockey have been online for already 3 and 6 years and we have overcame both platforms (on the number of users and on successful transfers) in less than 8 months. The main difference is the open aspect of the Scorrd platform and its great usability: it includes all kinds of hockey levels, from the most competitive and professional side to the amateur/recreational part of the field hockey community. Scorrd's objective is to become the reference for the entire hockey community, for all hockey lovers out there who want to share their passion, knowledge and content about their beloved sport.

The other competitor platforms are dedicated mainly to recruitment while we have developed other services to our beloved community, becoming a big content platform, hockey trends and tournaments, gamification,…
We have developed the first field hockey fantasy game ever, that will be based on the men’s World Cup 2018 in India and we have plenty of other gamification ideas coming up.

We have learnt from our users.
2019, what we are working towards

After our firsts months of life, we have been evaluating all our user's feedback and together with all the gathered data, we have worked a platform development strategy for 2019.