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Sébastien Commeyne


Séb is a Belgian hockey player and co-founder of Scorrd.
He's combining a background in finance with his passion for hockey. He coached and played at the highest Belgian level of hockey.

Oriol Peremiquel


Oriol is a Spanish entrepreneur and an international field hockey player.
He has been playing professionally for 12 years, 4 of them in Belgium. He has a background in marketing and a huge field hockey network.

Sven Böhne


Sven is our business developer and has an extended network in and outside the hockey world. He is an experienced entrepreneur and has founded and invested in a lot of successful companies.

Omakase Digital


Omakase is a fresh digital production studio with a strong focus on community platforms, startups, co-creation and strategy. They have been with Scorrd from the beginning, becoming a crucial part of the company.