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Market positioning

PARC’s goal is to eventually become at least European market leader. To reach this goal we want to work goal oriented and take each step at a time.

Our users are of crucial importance to us. Using a community of pleased users a sustainable and social revenue model can be designed. Therefore we will start with the Belgian and Dutch market. We will constantly refine our product using the feedback of our users and customers.

When we have validated our business model for both the Belgian and Dutch market, we will develop a strategy for the internationalization. For this we will attract a Business Developer, get advised and hopefully get supported by a bigger partner whom we have a Corporate Venture Deal with.

Market trends

Digital natives - youngsters who grew up using the internet - are in their twenties and thirties. When this generation becomes parents – which is happening as we speak – they will look for intuitive and digital ways to simplify all the hassle that comes with being a parent. The platform PARC is what they are looking for, it is THE perfect tool. PARC isn’t only a TripAdvisor for children, it is also an organizational tool that helps parents and their network of befriended parents simplify the entire hassle and divide or share this amongst each other.


Competitive advantages

  • First mover advantage
  • Very attractive design and intuitive flow
  • Highly scalable
  • Content is (and wil become more and more) effectively targeted
  • Venue rating by customers=clean database
  • Selected as favorite off the week by The App Store and in the running for App of the Day worldwide.