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Market positioning

We want to become the reference alternative.
We are a media that invoices at performance and our billing level is revolutionary.
There is no other media as Watch & Win offering the same range of services to advertisers of any kind.
Our ambition is the perfect fit between consumer’s and advertiser’s interests and this while focusing on content sites.

Market trends

In France
The digital advertising market is doing well and continues to grow. It has a turnover of 3.5 billion euros in 2016, or + 7% growth compared to 2015, after having experienced respectively + 4% and + 6% growth in 2014 and 2015. In addition, forecasts are optimistic for the market. While offline advertising tends to stagnate or even decrease, online digital advertising is growing.

In Belgium
We do not yet have figures for Belgium but previous years showed a strong similarity with France.

In the United States
Growth will be carried by digital which will continue to grow: from + 15% in 2017 to + 12.6% this year. Digital is expected to monopolize 38.3% of total investments, surpassing those dedicated to TV (35.5%). Video (24.5%) and social (23.5%) will be the main drivers of this growth.
Source: Dentsu Aegis Network


There is no comparable existing platform. We didn’t find any in Europe or the United States.
Some might think about Facebook but you need to know that more and more limits are mentioned by advertisers:
· Costs are increasing more and more when you expect visibility, especially for a restricted target. Then arises the question of the return on investment and the opportunity to invest in another media
· Effective posts that guarantee a reach are almost always to be paid. An organic reach just because your brand is cool no longer exists.
· Advertising is banished from a big part of the Facebook community: “this is a private domain and advertising has nothing to do with it”.
· Advertisers are challenging the suitability of the video format on Facebook and the need to reinvent the way to catch attention.
· A kind of interaction between users and the platform that requires simple content and limits messages and information.
· There are sites encouraging watching advertising videos for remuneration in cash or gift without connection with the product presented in the advertisement (pay to click). These are sites favoring publicity hunters and bringing little visibility/real commitments to advertisers.
These sites do not provide information on the product or on the company. Watch & Win is qualitative. Some “pay to click” are looking to target the advertiser’s audience while Watch & Win launches “auto-targeting”: the consumer watches the videos and related information according to his real interests and he can only receive the product of the advertisement or a discount on it.
· Some sites offer discount vouchers and access to folders.
Watch & Win offers advertising videos - the new unavoidable mode of communication for brands - and allows consumers to give a return on the videos presented. It also allows advertisers to test their messages and interest in a new product. It offers a set of functionalities to advertisers and information to consumers that are gathered nowhere else.
· One of the singularities of the site - the values (permissiveness, collaboration).