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Market positioning

Den Antwerpenaar BVBA is a pilot project for urban marketing in Antwerp.
Den Antwerpenaar platform's final user are the people of Antwerp and the local merchants.
Den Antwerpenaar would like to become leader in the digital citymarking market.

Market trends

The classic media market has less impact than before and has difficulty finding new business models or new ways to attract merchants. Digital platforms like Facebook or Instagram are diverting a growing part of local and regional marketing budgets and offer, at first glance, good value for money in terms of local visibility. But merchants are also looking for activation and consumption incentives.


There are two groups of competitors:

- Fragmented local newspapers that don't have their own digital platform and can't give local merchants digital data.

- Big digital companies that offer platforms but no knowledge on activation or retention. They have insufficient knowledge of the local market.

We have a digital advantage on these competitors.

We see two risks:

- big media companies have more budget to reach and convince the Antwerp population and its merchants.

- another risk is that, if we work well, our clients risk to develop their own digital platforms with new unidentified actors.