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Borrower is less vulnerable in the near term than other lower-rated obligors. However, it faces major ongoing uncertainties and exposure to adverse business, financial, or economic conditions that could lead to the its inadequate capacity to meet its financial commitments.
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Marco C

Hello Christel,
If the interest offered is 8% how is it posible to have a net interest of 4%.We talk about a belgian investor whom has to paid the PM(30% I presume...).Which others taxes has to be taken into account please. Thx

Christel W Entrepreneur

Hi Marco , the PM in Belgium is indeed 25 %

David W


This looks not correct - source: https://finances.belgium.be/fr/entreprises/impot_des_societes/Precomptes/precompte_mobilier#q2

And your answer does not answer the question of Marco :-/

Could you provide an example of the cash flow from this bond ?

Ex: I let you 1000€ on 5/4/2019, when & what I got it back ?
1) All the principal on 5/4/2021 with all the interest (Zero bond)
2) All the principal on 5/4/2021 while interest are paid on yearly basis (bullet)
3) the principal with the interest are paid on monthly or yearly (Annuities)
Which is correct ?

Because the Deal section is miss leading (bullet & annuities) :-/

Thanks in advance for your answer ;-)

Christel W Entrepreneur

Dear David , if you give me your email adress i could send you the explanation with a table
Best regards

David W

Happy to see such reactivity :-)


So, everyone could check it on http://www.yopmail.com/en/

jad G

Hi, What is the net interest rate? Any difference if i'm not based in the EU?

Christel W Entrepreneur

Hi Jad
Net is around 4% depending where you are based
Investment is possible from anywhere abroad with a credit card
Thanks for your interest in our wonderful project

Christel W Entrepreneur

If you are not based in Belgium our accountant confirms 6% interest but because I do not know from which country this is an average