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Market positioning

Our range is COMPLETE and our products meet huge demand (low sugar, low fat, low carb and high nutritional qualities) and suits the whole family. For active people, for seniors, for sportsmen and women.
Our products can be consumed daily for breakfast, snacks, or for performance.
The target audience: people aware of the role of food, diabetics, sportsmen, people who like healthy eating.
Attractive packaging and tasty delicious Belgian products
Most dietetic products lack taste. Ours are delicious. Our competitors position themselves either without sugar, or low fat, or rich in protein or low in salt. We on the other hand have a full positioning: healthy, balanced and delicious for both active and elderly people, sportsmen and women.
In short, a strong brand at a competitive price!

Market trends

The time spent eating is decreasing, the snacking market explodes around the world the number of diabetics and obese continues to grow, the trend towards more responsible consumption is already reflected in the changing patterns of consumption in developed countries and also in emerging countries.

In short, no one can ignore the current trend or awareness of the role of food in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The snacking market evolves exponentially in developed countries and especially in emerging countries.

Healthy Snacks Market Size Worth $32.88 Billion By 2025 | CAGR: 5.2%


Competitors are all players in the snacking in general (Agrofood schemes): Kellogs, Nestlé, Pepsi, Gerlina, Mondelez, i.o.w. major large players.

But we are not going to fight against giants, we position ourselves in a niche market with a complete range by positioning ourselves in family snacks, but especially with a range accessible to both diabetics and those who want to eat healthily, sportsmen or people who care about their figure.