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Christel Wullaert

Board member

After 15 years in the pharmaceutical Industry in Belgium (Account Manager, Marketing Manager), Christel decided to start nutrition. She follows many training courses in Belgium, France and around the world.

She then became the territory Manager for Promedis Jamieson Laboratories (Toronto Canada). Working in the market of protein products for medical prescription.

Based on this experience, she decided to embark on a broad market study on prescription protein products and created in 2010 Extense Pharma. Immediately success is there ! She invests heavily in developing innovative nutritional products, developing partnerships with recognised universities in Belgium and abroad. She conducts obese patients observation studies in hospitals and via physicians.

Today, these ten years of experience, research and partnerships enable it to have a clear and strategic vision of the Nutrition market.

What do her partners retain from her? She is a visionary who knows his market well. She was able to surround herself with the most skilled people in each of their fields of activity. A team ready to meet the challenge of Tomorrow's Nutrition.

Isabelle Grommet


With an MBA, Isabelle has over 20 years experience in communication, government and international affairs. (Innovation, support for international SME's and inter-university collaborations). Before joining Extense Pharma two years ago, she was the International Director of Communication within the Walloon Region Innovation cluster (Wagralim).



R & D Manager
Graduated from a DEA in Agronomic Sciences and bio engineer at UCL,
Graduate chemical engineering, UCL, Belgium Researcher, UCL
Researcher at UCL, Belgium on "Antioxidants in chocolate" in collaboration with Puratos
After years of experience as R& D manager at Puratos and Prayon, Fanny joined the Research and Development team in Extense Pharma.
She is responsible for the formulation of new products in the 7 D FIT range