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Financial Snapshot

Revenue Model

Since the hardware cost is high and we are also looking to build content provided by Universities, we are charging Universities on a 'per device'-basis. Our initial research showed that Universities are more comfortable in leasing the hardware instead of buying it, as the technology is new and they understand it will evolve very rapidly which can put a lot of cost-stress on the University.

Based on the research we have priced our package for €699 per month on a 'per device'-basis. This enables us to generate revenue while building the content with Universities.

Going forward in the next 2-3 years, we expect the hardware cost will settle between €1000 - €1500. This is very likely to happen as already the price has gone down from €3500 to the €2000-€2200 bracket. We expect that our target customer will shift from Universities to Students (globally) because more students will be able to afford the hardware and by this time we will also have built content in collaboration with various Universities.

Revenue Drivers

Universities: We are looking to add 3 Universities in this calendar year to start generating sales and add 10 Universities every quarter from there on.

On-Demand Solutions: We already receiving requirements from Universities and Hospitals to develop applications for surgeries and teaching. We aim to cater these demands as they are spin-offs of our core platform.

Cost Drivers

IT Development: We will need to keep enhancing our platform to adapt to new inventions in Mixed Reality technology to ensure our solution is always ahead of competitors and it delivers quality teaching and learning experience. We aim to launch new solutions and upgrades to our platform.

HR: We believe that team building will be an essential part of our growth story, therefore, we will be adding valuable resources who have experience in the Medical Sector. We aim to add Sales Reps across Europe to start with for the next 12-18 months.

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Break even year

1 June 2020


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