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SWOT Analysis


  • Knowledge: over 15 Year of Experience in Tech Industry. Worked on many MR/AR/VR educational & enterprise solutions.
  • Entrepreneurship: developed and built a business from scratch, opened markets in different continents around the world
  • Resources: team of talented and experienced programmers
  • Passion: out of the box thinking and thrive to stay ahead!


  • Presence: competitors have a presence in the market from some time now.
  • Experience: not much experience of Medical/Education System


  • First Mover Advantage: no other company is offering a real-time communication system and using mixed reality.
  • Under-served: under-served and highly attractive market segment
  • Integration: to integrate our platform within the existing educational system and become integral part of the learning process
  • Uniform Platform: our platform can be adopted in other streams as well


  • Competitors: coming up with a similar platform
  • Technology: discontinuation of the mixed reality technology