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Joni V

Dear Vigo team,

You are talking about this year to open a location. In what area/country do you plan to open this? Do you have something in mind already?

Christophe H Entrepreneur

Hi Joni

We have more than something in mind.
We already have the place and we work on it to prepare the opening.
We just keep it secret now for marketing and competition raison.

But I can give you this details.
-We are in the city center of a large city of Wallonia, Belgium
-All transport can access easily ( train , bus , car)
-We have access to a car park of more than 2000 places
-The place is in a big complexe with other profesional directly in touch with our core business

The following video is a projection of the building organization.
With a free roaming experience of 650 m², the experience will be one of the largest in the world.

The next step will be Luxemburg and France but we don't have selected the place yet.
If you want more details about the place you can contact me I will send you more information.

Have a nice day