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This project is Vigo Universal SA's second investment round. In the first round, an increase of more than €600,000 allowed Vigo Universal to develop a range of 3D technologies.This first round was supported by Business Angels, public investors (Wallimage Entreprises) and private investors.

For this second round, Vigo Universal is once again financially supported by public funds (Wallimage Entreprises and Leansquare), Business Angels, private investors and its founder.

Financial needs and previsions.

Vigo Universal already has a wide range of VR software, IP and hardware related to the project, which significantly reduces production costs. Vigo Universal needs a minimum budget of € 400,000 for the development of the first pilot centre in Belgium. The budget being distributed as follows: € 200,000 of equipment; € 80,000 of R&D and € 120,000 of working capital.

The first operating unit will open before the end of 2019. The expected revenue for the entertainment part is:
€ 125,000 for 2019 for a filling rate of 19%.
€ 1,180,000 for 2020 for a filling rate of 47%.
€ 1,657,000 for 2021 for a filling rate of 66%.
By way of comparison, our main competitor achieved a fill rate of 77% in 2018.

Operating costs will be € 500,000 per year, per operating unit.
In order to regularly provide the centres with new quality experiences, an additional annual budget of at least € 250,000 will be allocated to R&D.
The medium-term strategy of Vigo Universal foresees the opening of other centres in 2020 and 2021, thereby multiplying the sources of income. Vigo Universal has IPs on the software, so there will be no additional licenses for the following centres. This huge competitive advantage will be very useful to Vigo Universal for future growth.

A full financial plan with arguments is available on request.

Break even year

1 June 2020