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Christophe Hermanns


Founder, CEO & CTO of Vigo Universal, Christophe has more than 20 years of experience as a software engineer. As a true self-taught man, it was at the age of 7 that he created his first computer-based video game. At the age of 18, he worked for companies such as Microsoft, HP and Compaq and then started a freelance career, notably in Singapore and Paris.

Inventor of new concepts and passionate about technologies, he created VIGO UNIVERSAL in 2011, a company active in AR, VR, MR, gesture recognition, scanning and 3D printing.

In August 2016, he founded VIGO CREATIVE, a consulting and training company focused on new digital technologies.

He is regularly invited to share his experience on innovation and entrepreneurship at conferences. In 2017, he was appointed Digital Ambassador in Wallonia by the Agence du Numérique. According to the newspaper L'ECHO, he is one of the "ten Belgian pioneers who will revolutionize our relationship with the machine".

Noémie Lardinois

Board member

Graduated in Public Relations in 2009. She joined Vigo Universal in 2011, the year of its creation, and is actively involved in the company's growth.

She was able to hold various positions within the team from an event organization position to a communication manager position mixed with a 3D printing technician position.

Today she is project manager and administrative manager. In 2016, she joined the Board of Directors.

During the preparation of the centre, Noémie will act as a link between the various participants and will be in charge of the general administration. It will be involved in all stages of production. When the centre opens, she will coordinate new development projects within the studio to enrich the centre and make it evolve.

Philippe Reynaert

Board member

Director of Wallimage, Director of RTBF and President of Cine-Regio

Philippe Reynaerts graduated in Romanesque philology from the ULB in 1979. Passionated about the seventh art, he turned to journalism and became editor-in-chief of the film magazine Visions. In 1982, he made his first steps in front of the camera at RTBF as presenter of the Ciné-Club de Minuit.

He quickly became one of the most influential film critics in the 1980s. He became an advertiser in the 1990s and continues to work as a television officer. At the same time, in February 2001, he became Director of Wallimage, the Regional Audiovisual Investment Fund created by the Walloon Region.

For his investment in the service of culture and his region, he was elevated to the rank of Officer of the Walloon Merit on 15 September 2016.

Olivier Van Geloven

Board member

Olivier van Geloven, member of the Board of Directors of Vigo Universal, represents the independent shareholders.

Olivier has taken up many challenges during his professional career and acquired many skills, particularly in administrative, financial and project management. His main field of activity is marketing and strategy as well as organization in order to optimize the performance of multidisciplinary groups that tend to increase prosperity and personal development. Olivier also helps SMEs to meet the requirements of the constraints related to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Marcelline Laurent


Marcelline Laurent graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations in 2016 with honours, and joined Vigo Universal directly as a project coordinator and communication officer.

Familiar with new digital technologies, she coordinates projects in 3D digitization and printing, virtual and augmented reality, gesture recognition... She represents the interface between the production team and the end customer, whether it is a development project or an event, and manages the company's social networks and websites.

During the preparation of the centre, she will be in charge of public and media relations. Once the centre is open, she will participate in the development of new experiences and the organization of promotional events (open houses, digital days)... It will also coordinate developments such as training and serious games for professionals.

Lucas Etienne


Freshly graduated from the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard with the jury prize in 2018, Lucas directly worked as a "Game artist generalist", for a year, in a large virtual reality centre in Belgium that was developing its own games.

In addition to the new technical knowledge he has constantly learned, he has mainly learned to work in a professional environment with many other aspects and constraints that are related to a virtual reality room and everything around it, such as 3D printing or planning future infrastructures.

Today Lucas is ready and eager to take up a new challenge.